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Introducing the Casters for Heroes of the Dorm

HGC casters headline the talent lineup calling the action from the group stages to the National Championship.


Ready for another round of Heroes of the Storm college esports action? Heroes of the Dorm is returning once again for more prizes, more rivalries, and more intense action in the Nexus, with Cheerleader Kerrigan leading the charge! College students from bo

Heroes of the Dorm Heroic Four Tune-In Details

General Info We started with 480+ teams from 390+ colleges and are finally down to our Heroic Four! Broadcasting live from the CenturyLink Field Events Center, tune in to see which team will be walking away with their full coll

Heroic Four Preview

Our Heroic Four have been decided for Heroes of the Dorm 2016! Teams from Tennessee, Texas, Connecticut, and Arizona will be battling it out this weekend to win glory for their schools as well as $75,000 each in tuition. The stage is set in Seattle, Washi

Weekend Recap: Finding the Heroic Four

Author: GosuGamers Heroes Editorial Team Only sixteen Heroes of the Dorm teams remained going into Easter weekend, all vying for a Heroic Four spot and hoping to book their all-expenses-paid trips to Seattle, Washington for next month’s fina

Super Sixteen and Epic Eight Tune-In Details

General Info We started with 480+ teams from 390+ colleges and are finally down to our Super Sixteen! All teams are playing for a chance to advance to the Live Finals in Seattle to compete for full college tuition! Ma

A Note From Tournament Admins

Team Disqualifications We have found that players from Team Ambush have violated several tournament rules. An investigation by Tespa and Blizzard Entertainment revealed that a player on Team Ambush was sharing his account with a higher-rated

Level Up Your Viewing Party!

Looking to host a Heroes of the Dorm viewing party on-campus or a local establishment? Tespa has 50 viewing party loot boxes full of Blizzard and Tespa gear to help level up your event. To get started, click the button below to submit your entry by March

Weekend Recap: From 64 to 16

Author: GosuGamers Heroes Editorial Team Heroes of the Dorm represents a turning point for the teams competing in it. What might have started months ago as five friends coming together to enjoy a night of Hero brawling, is now something entirely d

Rounds of 32 Survival Guide

General Info The championship bracket for Heroes of the Dorm has begun! Only 32 teams from colleges across the United States & Canada remain in this brutal single elimination bracket. All teams are playing for a chance to advance to

Heroes of the Dorm Teams to Watch

Author: Kristine "Vaalia" Hutter, Team Liquid Last year, college students from the United States and Canada were given a chance to represent their schools and play their favorite game live on ESPN. Heroes of the Dorm, a free-entry tour

Get Schooled During Heroes of the Dorm 2016

Thousands of students from across the United States and Canada have stormed the Nexus to slug it out in the qualifier round of Heroes of the Dorm, Blizzard and Tespa’s collegiate Heroes of the Storm® tournament, setting the stage for a thrilling

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